JSS2 Agricultural Science Scheme of Work for First Term

JSS2 Agricultural Science Scheme of Work for First Term

The table below is the JSS2 Agricultural Science Scheme of Work for First Term

Developed by the

Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC)

Sub – Theme
1Farm Structures
& Buildings
Description of farm structures
and farm buildings.

(a) Farm structures

– barn, silos, rhombus,
– paddock, fish, pond, etc.

(b) Farm building

– poultry house, pen, store,
office, utility, building,
security post, etc.

2. Uses of farm structures and
farm buildings.

3. Maintenance of farm structures
and buildings.
2Crop Propagation
& Cultural Practices
1. Meaning of Propagation

2. Methods of Crop Propagation
– by seed (sexual)
– by vegetative organs (asexual)

3. Advantages of Propagation by:

(a) Seed (easy to carry,
store, procure, sow), etc

(b) Vegetative organs:
-more resistant to diseases and
– matures and produces early,
– Withstand adverse soil and weather
conditions, etc.

4. Disadvantages of Propagation by:
(a) Seed:
– Reduce the amount for consumption,
– Seed does not germinate easily due to

(b) Vegetative organs:
– Diseases of stock is manifested in
offspring easily stored,
– Easily store, etc.
1. Pre-planting operations:

– Choice of site,
– Clearing,
– Stumping,
– Plotting,
– Tilling / Ploughing,
harrowing, ridging,
– Seed treatment,
– Nursery & nursery practices.

2. Planting operations:
– Seed treatment,
– Spacing and planting.

3. Post Planting operations:
– Thinning,
– Supplying,
– mulching,
– Manufacturing/fertilizer
– Harvesting.

4. Effects of timely harvesting
versus late harvesting.

5. Postharvest operation:
– processing of crop into
useable forms,
– storage, etc.


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