SS3 Agricultural Science Scheme of Work for First Term

The table below is the SS3 Agricultural Science Scheme of Work for First Term.

Developed by the

Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC)

Sub: Theme
a. Aims of Crop improvement:
– to increase yield,
– improve quality of produce, etc.

b. Method of crop improvement:
– proper timing of planting;
– adoption of better cultivation
methods; etc.

c. Mendel’s law of inheritance
i. Definition of some genetic terms
– Character or traits,
chromosomes, genes, etc.
ii. Mendel’s 1st law of segregation
of genes.
iii. Mendel’s 2nd law of independent
assortment of genes (give examples)

d. Advantages and Disadvantages of
crop improvement
Sub: Theme
a. Meaning of animal improvement

b. Aims of animal improvement

c. Method of animal improvement
i. Introduction
ii. Selection – types of selection
iii. Breeding – Types

d. Meaning of artificial insemination:
– methods of collecting semen
– Advantages and disadvantages of
3.Animal Health
a. Meaning of disease

b. Casual organisms
– Viruses
– Bacteria
– Fungi
– Protozoa

c (i). Factors that could predispose
animals to diseases:
– Health status of animals
– Nutrition
– Management etc.

c (ii). Reactions of animals to diseases:
susceptibility and resistance to

d. Symptoms, effects and mode of
transmission of selected diseases e.g.
(i) Viral diseases – foot and mouth,
rinderpest, Newcastle etc.
(ii) Bacterial – Anthrax, brucellosis,
tuberculosis etc.
(iii) Protozoa – trypanosomiasis,
coccidiosis etc.
(iv) Fungal – Scabies, ringworm

e. Parasites:
– Meaning of parasite
– Types of parasites
– Modes of transmission and life cycle
of some selected livestock parasites.

f. General methods of prevention and
control of diseases and parasites:
– Quarantine, inoculation, etc.

g. Control of Parasites:
Dipping, drenching, spraying and
4. Aquaculturea. Meaning of Aquaculture

b. Different types of Aquaculture
– Fish farming
– Shrimp farming
– Crab farming etc.

c. Meaning of fish farming

d. Importance of fish farming

e. Conditions necessary for siting
a fish pond:
– adequate water supply, soil,
vegetation etc.

f. Establishment and maintenance of
fish pond

g. Fishery regulations
– meaning and regulations like
close season, catch quota, regular stocking

h. Fishing methods and tools
a. Meaning of Apiculture or Bee-keeping

b. Types of Bees:
i. Indigenous bees
ii. Exotic bees

c. Importance of Bee-keeping
– job/wealth creation
– bees and bee products are medicinal

d. Methods of bee-keeping:
– traditional method
– modern bee-keeping

e. Bee-keeping equipment:
i..e. Bee hives, Hive tools like suits,
smokers, jungle boots, brushes etc.

f. Precautionary measures in bee-keeping
– Locate apiaries far from human dwellings
– put warning symbols near your apiary etc.


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