JSS1 Agricultural Science Scheme of Work for Second Term

JSS1 Agricultural Science Scheme of Work for Second Term

The table below is the JSS1 Agricultural Science Scheme of Work for Second Term

Developed by the

Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC)

Sub – Theme
1. Classes and
Uses of Crops
1. Crop Plant Forms

– Monocotyledonous
e.g maize, guinea corn.

– Dicotyledonous
e.g bean, melon.

2. Classification of Crops
based on:

– Life span:- Annuals
(e.g. maize, yam, etc)

– Perennials
(e.g. cocoa, mango, etc)

3. Uses of Crops:

– food e.g cereals, tubers, pulses,
fruits and vegetables.
– oil crops
– spices
– latex
– beverage
– fibre crops
– source of carbohydrate,
protein, fat and oil, minerals,
vitamin etc.
2.Classes and
Uses of Farm
1. Types of Farm Animals

– Work animals
– Guard animals
– Poultry
– Aquatic animals
– Pests, etc.

2. Basic characteristics of
farm animals.

3. Classification of farm animals
based on:

i. Size
– Large animals
– Small animals

ii. Habitat:
– Aquatic
– Terrestrial

iii. Mammals & non-mammals

iv. Stomach types:
– Ruminant and
– Non-ruminant animals

4. Uses of farm animals:

– Food
– Work
– Sports and guard
– Source of hides and skin
– Source of manure


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  1. Farm Animals can be classified into two: namely
    Work Animal
    Guard Animal
    Work Animal: These animals are used for work on the farm, They are used for carrying loads, E.g cattle ( white Fulani, Sokoto gudali), work Animals are also used for transportation, eg. Horses, Camels and Donkey. The normal output of a working bull capacity is 500w compared to that of a man which is about 75w.

    Guard Animals
    Guard animals are animal specifically reared to protect our homes, Lifestock and pets, they also protect us from invasion, examples includes: Dog, Cat.

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