JSS1 Basic Technology Scheme of Work for Second Term

The table below is the JSS1 Basic Technology Scheme of Work for Second Term

Developed by the

Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC)

Sub – Theme
1Building Materials

1. Common Building Materials:
– cement, sand, gravel, metal, plastics,
wood, glass, leaves, ceramics, glass.

2. Uses of building materials.
Sub – Theme
2Safety Guidelines
1. Drawing instruments and materials:
– tee-square, set square, pair of compasses,
French curves, etc.

2. Basic techniques of handling drawing
instruments and materials.

3. Uses of drawing instruments and
3. Board Practice
1. Basic board practice:
– Setting drawing paper on the board.

– Sharpening pencil to conical point
and knife edge.

– Using the tee and set squares for drawing
border, horizontal and vertical lines.

– Positioning and drawing the title block.

– Freehand Writing of letters and numerals.
4.Freehand SketchingBasic freehand techniques of drawing lines,
curves, circles, and irregular shapes.


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