JSS1 Christian Religious Studies Scheme of Work for First Term

JSS1 Christian Religious Studies Scheme of Work for First Term

The table below is the JSS1 Christian Religious Studies Scheme of Work for First Term

Developed by the

Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC)

Sub – Theme
1The Creation

1. Biblical Account of the creation. Gen 1 & 2.

2. Why God created human beings:
(know, worship, serve Him), etc.

3. Songs about creation (in English
and different Nigerian languages)
e.g. all things bright and beautiful, the Lord
God made them all.


– Sequentially tells the story of the creation.
– Leads students to read the story.
– Explains and discusses reasons why God
made man and woman.
2Marriage1. The meaning of marriage
– Gen 2:22 -25
– Eph. 5:21-31

2. Functions of Marriage
preventing STD’s, HIV VIRUS
AIDS, etc.


– Guides students to read relevant Bible
– Guides students in discussing ways marriages
prevent the spread of STD’s, HIV VIRUS
AIDS, etc.
– Take children on field trips to churches,
maternity homes, hills and teach them birth
and wedding songs.
3. Disobedience1. Biblical Account of the first human

2. Consequences of Adam and Eve’s
disobedience. Gen. 3:14-19.

3. Learner’s disobedience and consequences.


– Explain the meaning of disobedience.
– Leads students to recognize disobedience
as sin.
– Guides students to read Bible Passages.
– Guides students to respect and obey
the laws of the nation using the national pledge.
Sub – Theme
4.Call to Repentance1. King David obeys God’s call to repentance.

2. Sam. 12:7-13; Ps. 51: 1-19
Zaccheus Lk. 19:1-9

3. The people of Nineveh repented of their
sins. Jonah 3:1-10

4. John the Baptist calls for repentance.
Lk. 3-1-14

5. Consequences of lack of repentance.
1 Sam 3:18; 4:10 – 21


– Guides students to mimic Jonah in Nineveh.
– Guides students to read Bible Passages
and explains.


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