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a. Growing Crops: The form of agriculture practiced in an area depends on the size of the farm, purpose, availability of land, topography of the land, climatic condition, and soil type. Growing crops involve the principles and practices of crop production.

Some farmers grow perennial or permanent crops such as cocoa, rubber, oil palm trees, coconut, kola, citrus, and cashew. A subsistence farmer does not have an interest in taking loans and he uses crude implements (simple farm tools) such as hoe, cutlass, rake, etc, as tools for his farm production. While a commercial farmer produces for the market in large quantities to generate more income. He takes loans from banks and uses modern implements on the farm.

b. Livestock Rearing: This is the process of breeding animals for meat production. Different types of farm animals that can be reared are poultry, piggery, rabbit, cattle, sheep, goat, grass cutter, etc.

c. Rearing of Fish: This is the management that deals with the production of fish and other aquatic animals, usually for food.Other aquatic animals include crabs, periwinkles, lobsters, shrimps, oysters, etc. Many individuals and private organizations have invested a lot of money in fish farming.

Fish Farming

d. Saving of Farm Produce: This is the process of keeping agricultural products for future use, or for sale in the market. Storage and preservation are important processes, that must be studied, in order to learn how to keep farm produce from getting spoilt.


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