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Importance of Agriculture to the Individual.

a. Provision of Food: Man needs food daily, for growth, the repair of body cells, and for energy to the body. Agriculture is the main source of food for a nation. Without food, all human activities will slow down and eventually die.

Arguably, the most important aspect of agriculture is that it’s the source of the world’s food supply.

The plant and animal products used as food by man include vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, eggs, milk, cereals, and many others.

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b. Employment Opportunities: Agriculture and other Agro-allied industries provide employment opportunities for the youth.

c. Source of Income: Agriculture is a major source of income to the farmers, through the sale of their agricultural products like tomato, yam, livestock, in the local markets.

Farmers selling Yam and Tomato in the Market.

d. Provision of Clothing: Agriculture provides clothing materials for man from agricultural products, like cotton, wool, and animal skin.

e. Production of Important Medicines: Some vegetable plants such as Ugwu, bitter leaf, and stems of some plants are very effective in treating different types of ailments.

f. Provision of Shelter: We need shelter to protect us from wild animals and weather conditions such as heat, rain, and cold.

Trees provide wood which is used for building materials and for making furniture, while leaves, straws, and palm fronds are used for roofing.

Importance of Agriculture to the Nation.

a. Provision of Raw Materials for the Agro-Allied Industries: In Nigeria, the cotton lint and dyes produced by the farmers are needed by textile industries, the feed mills convert maize and cassava into feed for domestic animals, cocoa is used for food and beverage industries. Agriculture provides these Raw Materials which are used by our local industries.

b. Tourism and Recreation: Places of interest attract tourists from within and outside the country. Agriculture provides not only the tourism industry resources for food consumption, but also the background for attractions in rural environments.

c. Employer of Labour: The federal government has planned to ban the importation of rice in order to promote the production and consumption of locally produced rice. The people who engage in agriculture are called agriculturalists. About 70 percent out of hundred Nigerians are Farmers. Agriculture is the most important work of many Nigerians.

Nigerian Farmers
Nigerian Farmers.

d. Foreign Exchange: Before Petroleum was discovered, Nigeria depended almost entirely on the export of agricultural raw materials for foreign trade. The money received for the sale of these raw materials is termed ‘foreign exchange’. Foreign exchange helps in the proper growth and development of a nation.

Agricultural products like oil palm, cocoa, cotton, groundnut, etc, are exported to other countries such as England, Holland, and Germany, which brings foreign exchange to Nigeria.

e. Expansion of Market: Industrial products such as simple farm tools, machines, and chemicals are consumed by the agricultural sector.

JSCE Agricultural Science 2019 Exam Question


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