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i. Answer all questions
ii. Use all the necessary drawing instruments and materials.
iii. All dimensions are in mm
iv. Marks will be awarded for good draughtsmanship.
v. Show all the construction lines

Question 1:

Using pencil, pair of compasses and ruler only, construct a circle of radius 40 mm and divide the circle into 12 equal parts.

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2021 JSCE Basic Technology Technical Drawing Past Question 2

Question 2


(a) Draw a circle of radius 40 mm with centre O.

(b) Use your Tee square and set square to draw equal horizontal diameter AB and vertical diameter CD (diameter = 80 mm) to intersect at O.

(c) Using your compass, with centres A, B, C and D in turn and the radius of the given circle, draw arcs 1 and 2.

(d) Draw diameters from 1 to 2 in opposite directions.

(e) The circle is now divided into 12 equal parts.

divide circle into 12 parts

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