i. Answer all questionsii. Use all the necessary drawing instruments and materials.iii. All dimensions are in mmiv. Marks will be awarded for good draughtsmanship.v. Show…

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2021 JSCE Basic Technology Technical Drawing Past Question 2

Question 2


(a) Draw a circle of radius 40 mm with centre O.

(b) Use your Tee square and set square to draw equal horizontal diameter AB and vertical diameter CD (diameter = 80 mm) to intersect at O.

(c) Using your compass, with centres A, B, C and D in turn and the radius of the given circle, draw arcs 1 and 2.

(d) Draw diameters from 1 to 2 in opposite directions.

(e) The circle is now divided into 12 equal parts.

divide circle into 12 parts

2021 JSCE Basic Technology Technical Drawing Past Question 3

Question 3


i. Draw the given line AB = 110mm

ii. Draw AC at any convenient angle, and set off from point A, 8 equal divisions of the line using a divider or pencil and ruler

iii. Join point 8 to point B, and through the other points, draw lines parallel to 8B by sliding the set-square on any straight edge such as a tee-square shown below. AB is now divided into the required number of equal parts, i.e. 8.

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