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Free JSCE/BSCE Business Studies Practical (Keyboarding) Past Questions

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(a) Type this passage with 14 font size
(b) Indent the paragraph at 5-character spaces
(c) Set margin at 15 and 70
(d) Type in double line spacing
(e) Omission of words will be penalized
(f) Render all abbreviations in full

jscebece business studies 2022 practical
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 2022 Business Studies Objective Past Questions Paper 3 (Manuscript)

Task 2: Manuscript


Certain foods should be eaten daily such as milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables, baked potatoes & wheat bread.

Foods such as butter, meats, fats, rich deserts, cake and cream should be avoided if one is stout but should be chosen if one is thin.

A beautician was once asked for the very best exercise to help a person reduce. She said that in her experience the best reducing exercise was a shaking of the head from left to right and from right to left.

It would also be good to take a walk after taking a heavy meal and avoid eating in order to keep weight down.


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