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 2019 Business Studies Objective Past Questions Paper 3 (Speed & Accuracy)

Task 1: Speed & Accuracy

A boy once saw his father putting some batteries in the sun. He asked his father what he was doing. The father then replied, “I want them to charge so that they last longer because they are dull now”.

A week later at school the boy was abused by his teacher for not being brilliant. The teacher told him that he should go and sharpen his dull brain because he got zero in most of his subjects.

So, when the son got home and met his son sitting in the sun, he was surprised, so he asked for the reason but the boy replied saying, “my teacher said I have a dull brain”, so I want to sharpen it as you did your batteries.

 2019 Business Studies Objective (Manuscript) Task II



My friends have never visited this part of the world before. I can remember the pleasure and pride I had in listening to their expression of joy and I felt as if I were responsible personally for creating this beautiful scenery. When we came to some village houses, my friends would request me to stop for them to take some pictures. I think they took more than two hundred pictures on that trip. When we arrived at my hometown. I could not get them to come into the house because they were by the lonely village dwellings they were about to enter into.

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