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(i) Use computer system to answer all questions.
(ii) You are required to print out the hard copy(ies) of your work
(iii) No content of the candidates’ work should be the same.
(iv) Use CorelDraw to perform the tasks below

Use the prototype business card below to design your own business card

jsce comp studies 2022


i. Create a rectangular shape of any size that may fit your work.

ii. Replace “GEORGE GROUP OF COMPANIES” with your preferred business name, using Times New Romans font style and font size 18. Bold it.

iii. Replace “Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Maritime” with the services you render.

iv. Replace ” Plot 6 – 10A, Babasola Drive, Maitama, Abuja” with your home address.

v. Design any logo of your choice inside the box labeled “LOGO”

vi. Replace “Your satisfaction is our priority” with your preferred statement using Tahoma font style and font size 10.

vii. Replace “George Amu” with your full name and bold it.

viii. Replace “08033221100” with your regsitration number.

ix. Save your work and print out the hard copy.

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2022 JSCE Computer Studies Practical Solution



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