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2015 JSCE Computer Studies Practical Solution

The table below shows the scores of students in some subjects. Copy the table and use Microsoft Excel to answer the question below.

a. What is the average score of each student?


ALI YUSUF ⇒ =Average(B2:D2)
UNCE LILIAN ⇒ =Average(B3:D3)
AJAYI FEMI ⇒ =Average(B4:D4)
BAKO JAMES ⇒ =Average(B5:D5)
DAVIS JOY ⇒ =Average(B6:D6)
AMINAT ZAINAB ⇒ =Average(B7:D7)


b. What is the total score of the students in both English and Computer Studies?


Working: Highlight the column containing English, then click on Autosum (∑)

Do the same for Computer studies.

Or you can use the SUM formula.

Click on cell B8 and add this formula for the English score total ⇒ =SUM(B2:B7)

For Computer Studies click on cell D8 and add the formula ⇒ =SUM(D2:D7)


c. Write the formula for finding the maximum score for Ajayi Femi.


Formula = MAX(B4:D4)


d. Who scores the highest mark?


Formula = MAX(B2:D7)

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