Instructions: i. Use computer system to answer the question.ii. Use Microsoft Excel to create the table below.iii. No contents of the candidates' work should be…

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2021 JSCE Computer Studies Practical Solution

(a)  Type your surname and first name in the first row and fill in the scores for first, second, and third terms. (Note: Use the numbers between 0 and 100 to fill the scores).

(b) Type additional records for the remaining five (5) students showing their surname, first name and scores for each term.


(c) What is the total score of students in the first term?

Answer: 456


(d) What is the total score for students in the third term?

Answer: 358


(e) What is the formula for calculating the sum of scores for the second term?

Answer: =SUM(E3:E8)


(f)  Create a new column titled “Average Score” after “Third Term” and calculate the average score for each student.


Formula for calculating average for each student:

Folake Adesanya =AVERAGE(D3:F3)
Etim Bukola =AVERAGE(D4:F4)
Olajuyi Olamide =AVERAGE(D5:F5)
Agba Joy =AVERAGE(D6:F6)
Dike Gold =AVERAGE(D7:F7)
Trent Arnold =AVERAGE(D8:F8)

Note the formula, =SUM(D3:F3)/3 can also be used for Folake Adesanya

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