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Below are some of the differences between Monocotyledons and Dicotyledons;

Monocotyledon Vs. Dicotyledon:

SeedThey have one seed leaf. They do not naturally break into two halves.Two seed leaves. Breaks naturally into two halves
LeafLong and narrow with leaf sheath.They have broad leaves
Leaf VenationThey have leaves with paralleled veins.Their leaves are short and Reticulate venation is present.
RootThey have a fibrous root system.They have a top root system.
GerminationTheir germination is by Hypogeal. That is the cotyledon is returned below the soil.Their germination is by Epigael. That is the cotyledons shoot out to the soil surface
PollinationUsually by wind.Usually by insects and other animals.
FlowersGreen and unscented.Colourful and sometimes scented.


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