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There are various uses of Farm Animals:

1. They serve as Sources of Food: Animals are good sources of protein to man. Milk and eggs are good sources of a complete diet.

2. They Serve as means of Transportation: Some of the ruminant animals are good for transportation. Such as; horses, donkeys, and camels.

3. Sources of Farm Power: Farm animals play a major role in tilling the ground, pumping of water, and transporting agricultural products, especially before the inventions of farm machines. Examples of such animals include; cattle, ox, horses, etc.

4. Production of Leather: Animal leather can be used to manufacture clothes, bags, and gloves. The animal hair is processed to wool which can be used for making blankets, and other cold-resistant clothes.

5. Sources of Manure: Cow dungs, poultry droppings, and decayed animals are very good sources of humus, which contain high-level nitrogen and other nutrients that are essential for plant growth.

6. Source of Security: Farm animals can protect our property from thieves. Examples are dogs and geese. Cats can also guard our properties against pests like rats.

7. Source of Medicine: Hormones (insulin) from animal bodies are used to cure diabetes.


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