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Labour refers to all human efforts which may be skilled or unskilled, physical, or mental, used in the production of agricultural goods and services.

Labour is usually accompanied by a reward or return. Smallholder farmers use family labour, that is, the use of members of the family, father, mother, children, brothers, sisters to do the farm work. While large scale farmers use hired labour and pay them to do the

Agricultural Labour
Agricultural Labour.

Forms of Labour:

  • Personal labour.
  • Communal labour.
  • Hired labour.
  • Family labour.

Features of Labour:

  • It requires human effort.
  • The reward for labour is wage and salary.
  • It makes other factors of production work effectively.
  • Skills can be acquired thorough training and education.

Uses of Labour on Agricultural Production:

  • It makes work more easier to do on the farm.
  • It controls other factors of production.
  • It brings about good profit in agro-allied business.
  • Big work load could be done in little time.


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