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  1. Introduction to Science | Week 1
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  2. Family Health | Week 2
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  3. Family Health (Sanitation) | Week 3
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  4. Family Health (Nutrition) | Week 4
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  5. Drug and Substance Abuse | Week 5
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  6. Environmental Pollution: Air Pollution | Week 6
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  7. Soil pollution | Week 7
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  8. Water Pollution | Week 8
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Good health can be maintained in the following ways:

  1. By maintaining personal cleanliness.
  2. By doing regular exercise.
  3. By maintaining a clean environment.
  4. Regular check-up.
  5. By eating a balanced diet.
  6. By avoiding bad/harmful habits.

Effects of Balanced Diet on Health:

  1. It provides energy for activities of life.
  2. It prevents deficiency diseases.
  3. It is necessary for growth.

Effects of Exercise on Health:

  1. It keeps us fit and trim.
  2. It aids the removal of waste from the body.
  3. It aids and strengthens the muscles.
  4. It increases the rate of heartbeat thereby improving the circulation of blood.

There are situations when exercise is not advisable, these are during starvation, pregnancy, old age, and sickness.

Effects of Bad Habits on Health:

Bad habits include smoking, drinking alcohol, and using other harmful drugs such as Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin, etc.

  1. It damages the brain.
  2. It damages vital body organs such as the liver, heart, kidney, etc.

Personal Cleanliness:

Personal cleanliness involves keeping our bodies and home clean, in order to live a healthy and illness-free life. The following are some of the ways of achieving personal cleanliness.

a. Cleaning of the skin.
b. Brushing of the teeth.
c. Washing of the hair.
d. Cleaning of the hands/nails.
e. Washing of clothes.

1. Cleaning of the Skin:

The following are ways we can keep our skin clean;

a. Wash your body using soap daily.
b. Avoid sharing a sponge with people.
c. Make use of deodorants and perfumes.
d. Cream your body after bathing.
e. Carefully select the products used on your skin, to avoid skin irritation, rashes, etc.

Apply moisturizer everyday after bathing
Apply moisturizer every day after bathing.

Note: Poor hygiene of skin can result in body odour, skin rashes, ringworm, and athlete’s foot.

2. Cleaning of the Teeth:

The following are ways we can keep our teeth clean;

a. Clean your teeth every morning before breakfast and at night before going to bed.
b. Do not share your toothbrush with anybody.
c. Visit your dentist regularly.
d. Avoid picking teeth with sharp pointed objects.
e. Take food rich in phosphorus and calcium.
f. Avoid eating very hot or very cold foods.
g. Avoid eating too many sweet foods to prevent bacteria attacks.
8. Always brush your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Visiting the dentist regularly can prevent teeth problems.

Note: Poor hygiene of teeth can result in tooth decay, toothache, and abscess in gum.

3. Cleaning of the Hair:

The following are ways we can keep our hair clean;

a. Comb or brush your hair.
b. Watch out for hair infections.
c. Washing the hair regularly.
d. Dry long hair completely.
e. Do not share hair equipment with others.

brush hair

Note: Poor hygiene of hair can result in dandruff, lice in the hair, and bushy hair.

4. Cleaning of the Hands/Nails:

The following are ways we can keep our hands and nails clean;

a. Avoid biting your nails.
b. Always keep your nails short.
c. Always clean the dirt in your nails.
d. Wash your hands before meals and after going to the toilet. 

wash hands
Washing your hands well and often is the best way to keep from getting sick.

Note: Poor hygiene of hands/nails can result in dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever, and belly ache.

5. Cleaning of the Clothing:

The following are ways we can keep our clothes clean;

a. Avoid sharing clothes with others even those close to you.
b. Always wash your clothes regularly.
c. Hang or fold your clothes after ironing.
d. Use effective soaps and detergents to wash your clothes.
e. Always iron your clothes after washing.

washing clothes in the washing machine
Machine or hand wash keeps clothes clean.

Note: Poor hygiene of clothing, can result in dirty and smelling clothes and the clothes tend not to last too long.

Method of Keeping Homes Clean:

Method of Keeping Homes Clean:

Different parts of the home require different cleaning methods in order to maintain good health;

1. Cleaning the Floor Inside the House:

The following are ways you can keep the floor clean inside the house;

  • Sweeping the floor every morning.
  • Mopping terrazzo floors once a week.
  • Washing concrete floors at least once a week.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner to clean floors covered with carpets.

2. Cleaning the Furniture:

The following are ways you can clean your furniture;

  • Dust every day with a light cloth.
  • Use a brush to clean upholstery.

3. Clean the Walls and Ceilings:

The following are ways you can clean walls and ceilings;

  • Use a long broom to remove cobwebs, dust, spiders, and ants.
  • Remove stains on the walls and ceiling using a cloth soaked in water.
long broom to clean cobwebs

4. Cleaning the Windows:

The following are ways you can clean windows inside and outside the house;

  • Dusting glass windows with a cloth and glass cleaner.
  • Using a broom to remove cobwebs, spiders and ants.
cleaning windows
 Using a spray and wipe cleaner keeps your glassy surface clean and bright.

5. Cleaning the Toilet:

The following are ways you can clean toilets in the home;

  • Mopping the floor at least once a week.
  • Scrubbing and rinsing the wall tiles.
  • Water closet should be cleaned with cleaning agents, such as harpic.
cleaning toilet

6. Cleaning the Surroundings Around the Home:

The following are ways you can clean your home surroundings;

  • Sweeping the compound daily.
  • Removing weeds in the compound.
  • Disposing of the refuse from time to time.
  • Removing cobwebs on the outer surfaces using long brooms.

7. Cleaning the Kitchen:

The following are ways to keep the kitchen clean;

  • Sweeping the floor daily.
  • Mopping the floor at least once a week.
  • Scrubbing and rinsing sinks and wash hand basins.
  • Washing dirty plates immediately after use.
cleaning kitchen

8. Cushion Covers, Window Blinds, etc:

The following are ways you can clean cushion covers, window blinds, etc;

  • Wash when they are dirty


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