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Differences between Plants and Animals

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The differences between plants and animals are tabulated below:

Plants Vs. Animals

1Can manufacture their own food
Animals depend on ready-made food
They move freely from one place to
another in search of food.
2.Can move only a part of their body
in response to stimuli.
(things that cause an organism
to react)
Can move their whole body freely
from one place to another. 
3.Response to stimuli is low.Rapid response to stimuli.
4Branching body.Compact bodies.
5.Growth occurs at the tip of the root
and apical bud (apical growth)
Growth usually occurs in various
parts of the body (intercalary growth)
6.Growth is continuous throughout
Animals stop growing after attaining
7.They have chlorophyll.They do not have chlorophyll.
8.They do not have sense organs. They have sense organs. 
9.Have no specialized organs for
excretion, respiration.
Have specialized organs for excretion,
respiration and coordination. 


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