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Uses and Importance of Living things

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Importance of Plants to Human Beings:

1. Plants provide food for animals and man.

plant food

2. Wood from trees supplies timber for the construction of houses. So it can be said that plants provide shelter.

Timber Production
wood -  timber - construction

3. Fibres and latex obtained from plants are used to make robes, sacks, and rubber.

4. Some plant parts are used as sources of medicine.

5. Plants beautify the human environment.

6. Plants act as a source of oxygen during the process of photosynthesis. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen to assist in breathing.

7. Plants can be used as firewood.

burning wood in the fireplace

8. Plants are used to manufacture paper and stationery.

9. Plants are used to manufacture different products, such as facial and body scrubs, creams, and shampoos among others. An example of a plant with such properties is Aloe Vera.

10. They help to reduce soil erosion by holding the soil particles together.

Importance of Animals to Human Beings:

1. Animals are a source of food for man.

2. Animals’ hides or skin are used to make leather, bags, etc.

wine skin

3. Some animals are used as means of transportation e.g camels, and donkeys.

camel transport

4. Animals are sold to earn money e.g pigs, sheep, poultry, etc.

5. Animals help in the pollination of plants to produce fruits for humans.

6. Some animals, like dogs, provide security to human beings.

security dog

7. Some animal products are used as medicine, for example, honey produced by bees.

8. Animal dung and bird droppings are used for making manure.

Evaluation Questions:

1. What is a living thing?  

2. Living things are classified into _________and ____________ 

3. List 5 five characteristics of living things.

4. State four (4) differences between plants and animals. 

5. Enumerate 3 (three) importance of plants and animals to human beings.



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  1. living thing which can breath and move
    animal and plant
    movement,sensibility,irritability,respiration and reproduction
    plant does not have sense of organs and animals does