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What are Non-Living Things?

Non-living things are those things that do not have life in them.

Examples of non-living things in our environment include metals and non-metals.

There are many nonliving things around us. Some examples include things like chairs, laptops, pens, bottles of coke, etc.

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Bottle of coke

Classification of Non-Living Things:

1. An element is any substance, which cannot by any known chemical process be split into simpler forms, there are over hundred known elements, examples are oxygen, nitrogen, copper, etc.

2. A compound is a substance containing two or more elements chemically combined together e.g water (H2O – composed of two hydrogen (H) atoms & one oxygen (O) atom )   

3. A mixture is a substance containing two or more constituents which can easily be separated by physical means e.g crude oil.

Generally, elements can be classified into metals and non-metals.

Examples of metals include iron, copper, aluminium, etc.

Examples of nonmetals include oxygen, helium, nitrogen, fluorine, etc.



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