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Differences Between Metals and Non-Metals (Properties)

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The table below shows the properties and differences between metals and nonmetals.

Metals Vs. Non-Metals

Metals Non-metals
1.They have metallic lustre (Shiny)No metallic lustre (not shiny)
2.Strong and very hard.Soft.
3.They are good conductors of heat.Bad conductors of heat.
4.Bad conductors of electricity.Bad conductors of electricity.
5.Produce a sound when hit.Do not make any sound when hit.
6.They are ductile (i.e can be drawn into a wire)They cannot be drawn into a wire. 
7.Examples are iron and steel, copper, tin, zinc, lead, and Aluminum. Examples are carbon, sulphur, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, and Graphite. 
8.They can be hammered into a sheet.
Metals are not generally brittle, rather, they are malleable and ductile.
They cannot be hammered into a sheet i.e they are brittle.


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