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Metals Uses 
1.Copper They are used in making electric wires. 
2.Iron and steelThey are used in making cars, ships, aeroplanes, lorries, bridges, etc.
3.AluminumFor making electric wires and cooking pots (cooking utensils)
4.ZincFor making torch batteries.
For covering iron in corrugated iron sheets to prevent rusting. 
5.TinCovering of iron to prevent rusting. 
6.LeadMaking car and lorry batteries. 
7.MercuryUsed in making thermometer liquid (for reading temperature)
8.Gold, Silver,
Brass, Bronze
Used in making ornaments (for decoration)
Non-Metals Uses 
1.SulphurUsed in making ointments for skin diseases.  
2.Chlorine It is used in disinfecting water. It is also used as
food preservatives as part of sodium chloride, i.e salt.
3.CarbonIt is used in making torch batteries. 
4.Oxygen It is used in respiration, burning. 
5.Nitrogen It is used in manufacturing fertilizers.  
6.Graphite Used in making pencils. 
7.HydrogenUsed as rocket fuel.


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