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Because both plants and animals are living things, they have cells. Cells are the smallest functional and structural units of living organisms, and they make up every part of an organism’s body.

structure of plant cell
Structure of Plant Cell
animal cell
Structure of Animal Cell

The cell is the building block of both plants and other forms of life. Individual cells are very tiny and can only be seen with the aid of a microscope which magnifies tiny objects.

In some ways, plant and animal cells are similar. In others, they are vastly different.

Differences Between Plant and Animal Cells:

Plant cellAnimal cell
1Cellulose cell wall present.Cell wall absent. 
2.Chloroplast present. Chloroplast absent. 
3Large central vacuole. Tiny vacuoles. 
4Cytoplasm does not fill the cell.Cytoplasm fills the cell.
5Cell sap present. Cell sap absent. 
6Nucleus at the edge to cytoplasm. Nucleus at the centre of cytoplasm.` 
7It stores lipid as oil.It stores lipid as fat. 

Similarities Between Plant and Animal Cells:

Plant cellAnimal cell
1Nucleus present Nucleus present 
2Cytoplasm present Cytoplasm present 
3Cell membrane present Cell membrane present 
4Golgi bodies present Golgi bodies present 
5Mitochondria present Mitochondria present 
animal and plant cell
Similarities & Differences Between Plant and Animal Cells.

Functions of Plant and Animal Cell Components (or Organelles)

Cell component Functions 
1.NucleusIt controls all life activities of the cell. 
2.Cell membrane It plays a great role in the selective absorption
of minerals and protects the cell.
3Vacuole It contains cell sap which acts as an osmoregulator
by helping to remove excess water in the cells.
4Chloroplast They contain chlorophyll which aids
photosynthesis in green plants.  
5Mitochondria It is described as the powerhouse of the cell. 
They are sites of respiration or where energy
is released from simple sugar. 
6Golgi bodies Its function is synthesis, packaging, and
distribution of materials.

Evaluation Questions:

1. Give 3 differences between a plant cell and an animal cell.

2. Give 3 similarities between a plant cell and an animal cell.

3. What is the function of the Nucleus?


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