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The revolution of the earth around the sun once in 365¼ days brings about seasonal and climate changes.

Climate is the weather condition and changes in an area for many years.

The seasons are Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring. However, these seasons are peculiar to the polar region, i.e North and South poles. 

However, in the equatorial part where Nigeria is located, there are two seasons, the rainy(wet) season and the dry season. We have seasons because different parts of the surface of the earth have the sun shining on them for different lengths of time and because of the large size of the earth. So there are longer or shorter days at different times of the year.

Evaluation Questions:

1. What is a Satellite?
2. State four (4) uses of Satellites.
3. List 2 types of movements carried out by the earth.
4. What causes the seasons of the year?
5. List the planets of the solar system.
6. With the aid of diagrams only, describe the eclipse of the sun and the eclipse of the moon.


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