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Topic Content:

  • Meaning of Renewable Energy
  • Examples of Renewable Energy
  • Non-Renewable Energy
  • Examples of Non-renewable Energy
  • Reasons for Conserving Non-renewable Energy
Renewable energy

What is Renewable Energy?

This is energy that comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, and water which can be naturally replenished. These types of energy are naturally replenished because they are renewable.

Examples of Renewable Energy:

Sun / Solar Energy:

This is the energy derived from the sun in the form of solar radiation.


You may have noticed solar collecting plates on the roofs of houses, they are called photovoltaic solar panels and they absorb energy from the sun, and then convert the energy collected from the sun to electricity. They can produce temperatures high enough to boil water.

solar panel
Solar panel on the roof of a building

Hydroelectric / Water Energy:


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