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Below are some facilities for pedestrian safety;

  • Zebra Crossing: These are portions of the road painted in the color of Zebras. When someone has moved onto this portion of the road, the Highway Code says that motorists must give way or stop‟ especially where speeds are low.
  • Railway Level Crossing: Do not cross or pass under the iron barriers when a train signals an approach at a road junction. In some cases, a red light will be indicated.

  • Pelican Crossings: In this case, apart from the normal traffic light facing the driver, there is the red/green man signal facing pedestrians. When vehicles stop for seeing the red light, pedestrians cross when the green man light sup and vice-versa.
pelican crossing

  • Equestrian Crossings: These are meant for horse riders crossing. When the light indicates a green horse, the rider can cross. But if it indicates red light, do not cross.
Equestrian Crossings

  • Use of Reflective Wears at Night: It is encouraged to wear reflective jackets at night. This will make you visible to motorists.
Use of Reflective Wears at Night:

  • Crossings controlled by an Authorized Officer: Do not cross the road unless you are signaled by a police or a traffic warder (called “Yellow Fever” in Nigeria).
female traffic warden


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