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Who is a Cyclist?


A cyclist is a person who rides either a bicycle, motorcycle, or tricycle on a major road as a means of transportation.

Safety Guidelines for Cyclists/Motorcyclists:

1. Ensure you do not cycle along the inside of large vehicles.

2. Use light and wear reflective clothing at night and in very bad weather.

3. Take care when passing parked cars, leaving enough space for drivers and passengers to open car doors.

4. Make sure your bike is roadworthy.

5. Ride in a position where you can see and be seen.

6. Use protective materials like helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads.

7. Do not ride the motorcycle after the consumption of alcohol.

8. Always obey road signs, traffic light, and road markings.

9. Do not exceed the speed limit.

10. Do not overtake at a bend.


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