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Who is a Motorist?

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As the name implies, a motorist is a person who drives a vehicle as a means of transportation.

Safety Guidelines for Motorists:

1. Always make use of the seatbelt.

2. In events of braking, lane change, and reversing, check your mirror regularly.

3. Always be at a moderate speed while driving to prevent accidents.

4. Never make calls or send a text while driving to avoid distractions.

5. Cars should be placed on routine maintenance so they can last long.

6. Ensure there is a fire extinguisher in the vehicle.

7. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or any hard drugs.

8. Do not use your mobile phone while driving.

9. Always make way for ambulances.

10. Always obey road signs, traffic lights, and road markings.

An example of a road safety sign is the roundabout sign.


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