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Who is a Pedestrian?

pedestrian lagos

A pedestrian is anybody walking on the street or along the road. There are many reasons why people walk; to run errands, for recreation and health benefits, to go to work or school, to buy food, etc.

Safety Guidelines for Pedestrians:

1. Make sure you make eye contact with a driver of a vehicle before and during the crossing.

2. Where there are traffic lights, make sure the lights indicate for pedestrians to cross, and there are enough breaks for roads with up to four lanes.

3. Avoid crossing at roundabouts where traffic approaches from all directions. Look for a pedestrian crossing to cross.

4. Ensure you do not allow your vision to be blocked by clothing, umbrellas, hats, or items that you are carrying.

5. Do not use your cellphone for calls or texting while crossing.

6. Look right, left, and right again, before crossing the road.

7. Always wear bright coloured clothing while walking on the road at night.

8. Always keep off the road.

9. Always use pedestrians ‘ overhead bridge when available.


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