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  1. Wood Work Hand Tools | Week 1
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  2. Wood Work Hand Tools (Continued) | Week 2
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  3. Care And Maintenance of Wood Work Hand Tools | Week 3
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  4. Metal Work Hand Tools | Week 4
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  5. Metal Work Hand Tools (Continued) | Week 5
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  6. Care and Maintenance of Metal Work Hand Tools | Week 6 & 7
    2 Topics
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  7. Maintenance of Tool Or Machines and Importance of Maintenance | Week 8, 9 & 10
    6 Topics
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Driving tools are tools used for driving objects into metals. Examples include:

1. Hammers:

In metalwork, hammers are used for bending, riveting, and shaping.

Types of Hammers:

a. Ball-pein hammer: This is a general-purpose hammer used for riveting i.e, forming a cup-like shape from a metal sheet.

Ball-pein hammer
Ball-Pein Hammer.

b. Cross-pein hammer: This hammer is used for striking at the horizontal corners of metals. For example, it is used during panel beating operations.

Cross-pein hammer
Cross-pein hammer.

c. Straight-pein hammer: This hammer is used for vertical corners,i.e, for riveting metal sheets at awkward positions.

Straight-pein hammer
Straight-pein hammer

d. Mallets: These are special types of hammers. They are made from lead, copper, rawhide, wood, plastic, or rubber. They are used where steel hammers may cause damage to certain jobs.

Rubber Mallet.

2. Screw Drivers:

Screw Drivers
Screw Driver.

Screw drivers are used for driving in or driving out screws on metals. There are different types.

They include the following:

a. Flat Screwdriver: It is a screwdriver used to drive in and out screws with slotted heads.

Flat Screwdriver
Flat Screwdriver.

b. Star Screwdriver: Used for screws with star heads.

Star screw driver
Star screwdriver

c. Offset screwdriver: This is the screwdriver used on screws in awkward positions, where a straight screwdriver cannot be applied.

Offsetscrew driver
Offset screwdriver.

d. Allen screwdriver: This screwdriver is used for turning screws with recessed hexagonal or square-slotted holes.

Allen Screwdriver
Allen Screwdriver.
allen screw
Allen Hex socket screws.

3. Punches:

Punch tool
Punch tool.

A punch is a tool used to indent or create a hole through a hard surface like metal. Punches are also used to drive objects outside or inside a metal hole.

punch giff

Types of Punches:

a. Centre or Dot punch: This punch is used to mark dots to aid drilling or cutting. When drilling holes, it is typically used to mark the centre of the hole.

Centre Punch
punching a hole in metal

Centre or Dot punch.

b. Drift or Pin punch: These are punches used for driving out rivets, tapered pins, and dowels from holes.

Drift or Pin punch
Drift or Pin punch.

4. Spanners:

Spanners are used for driving in or driving out nuts and bolts in mechanical assembly parts.


Types of Spanners:

They may include the open-ended spanner, ring spanner, socket spanner, combination spanner, box spanner, and adjustable spanner.

open-ended spanner
Open-ended spanner.
ring spanner
Ring spanner.
socket spanner
Socket spanner.
combination spanner
Combination spanner.
box spanner
Box spanner.
adjustable spanner
Adjustable spanner.


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