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In order for your computer to perform at the optimal level proper precaution must be taken as stated below:

  • Keep the computer in a well-ventilated place.
  • Keep cake particles, water, ice cream and other items away.  
  • Ensure that there is a clean and dust-free environment.
  • Cover the computer when not in use.
  • Always dust the monitor with a clean cloth.
  • Ensure the system is shut down before leaving the office.
  • Use a vintage stabilizer.
  • Antivirus software should be installed.
  • Use UPS (uninterruptible power supply) if eventually there is a power interruption.

Computers, like any other object in your home, will collect dust, hair and other debris which can get stuck in it. The following are some of the items used for the care of the computer:

  • Soft clean cloth.
  • Microfiber lint-free cloth.
  • Use a keyboard vacuum cleaner.   
  • Portable vacuum cleaner.
  • Sash brush.
  • Flashlight.  
  • Cotton swabs.
  • Datavac electric duster.


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