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  • Marriage is for Companionship: God created Eve to be Adam’s companion and helper, so that he would not be alone.
  • Marriage is for Procreation: God commanded man to be fruitful, multiply, replenish and subdue the earth. God wants man to bear children and fill the earth.
  • Marriage is to maintain chastity, purity, and high moral standard.
  • Marriage is ordained to prevent contact and spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs): When a husband and wife are faithful to each other, they eliminate the risk of contracting deadly diseases from others, who lack morals and are disobedient to the word of God.

Types of Marriage:

Major Types of marriage include:

1. Christian marriage.

2. Islamic marriage.

3. Traditional marriage.

4. Court marriage.

Forms of Marriage:

Forms of marriage include;

1. Monogamous Marriage  = One man, one woman.

2. Polygamous Marriage = One man, many wives.

3. Polyandry Marriage = One woman many husbands.

4. Endogamy Marriage = The practice of marrying within a specific social or ethnic group, rejecting those from others as unsuitable for marriage.

JSCE 2017 Christian Religious Studies Past Question


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