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Sacrifice of Isaac (Genesis 22: 1-18)

God wants total obedience from all human beings. In demanding it from Abraham, he asked him to offer Isaac to him as a burnt offering on a certain mountain in Moriah, as a demonstration of his obedience to God.


Isaac was twelve years of age when God told Abraham to sacrifice him.

God wanted to test Abraham’s faith, obedience and confidence in Him, because He knew Abraham loved Isaac very much.

Abraham obeyed God, saddled his ass, took two of his servants, Isaac, wood, and a knife, and he travelled for three days to Mount Moriah.

On their way, Isaac asked his father, Abraham where is the lamb for sacrifice, Abraham replied, God, will provide.

When Abraham sighted the mount far off, he asked his servants to stay behind with the ass, while he and Isaac would go a little forward to worship God.

On arrival at Mount Moriah, Abraham built an altar, laid the wood, tied and laid Isaac on the altar to be sacrificed, then, he raised his knife to slaughter Isaac his son.

Suddenly, an angel called on him, “Abraham, Abraham”, do not kill the child, or do anything to him, for now, I know that you fear God since you have not withheld your son, your only son from me.

Genesis 22:11-12

Instead of Isaac, Abraham sacrificed a ram caught in a thicket by its horn. Abraham called the name of the place, The – Lord – will – provide (Jehovah Jireh)

God was so happy with the obedience Abraham demonstrated, that He decided to bless and reward him for his faithfulness.



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