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Joseph is Sold to Egypt (Genesis 37: 12-36)

Joseph was the eleventh son of the twelve sons of Jacob. Jacob and his family lived in Hebron. Joseph was a dreamer. His father Jacob loved him so very much that, he made a coat of many colours for him.

Joseph had two dreams and both of the dreams indicated that he will be greater than his brethren. As a result, his brothers hated him even more.

Joseph sold to slavery
Joseph was sold to slavery.

When he was seventeen years old, Jacob sent Joseph to take provision to his brothers at Shechem, where they were pasturing their flocks, and see, if things were all right with them. There, his brothers plotted against him and sold him to some Ishmaelite traders for twenty shekels, of silver.  The traders took Joseph to Egypt where they sold him as a slave.

Joseph Serves in Egypt (Genesis 41: 37-57)

Potiphar, a guard of the king of Egypt, bought Joseph as his slave. He liked Joseph because he was honest and hardworking. Potiphar put Joseph in charge of all he was doing.

However, Potiphar had a wife who was a bad and seductive woman. She tempted Joseph many times to have sex with her. When he refused, she told lies against him and Joseph was put in prison. Joseph said how can I do this and sin against God.

While in prison, Joseph interpreted two dreams, that of Chief Baker and the king’s chief butter who were also thrown in jail for offending their master. While the chief butler was reinstated to his work, the chief Baker faced the consequences of his action.

Also, Joseph was able to interpret the two dreams of the Pharaoh of Egypt and gave him wise advice, which saved the nation of Egypt from seven years of famine. As a result of this, Joseph was appointed to oversee the planting, harvesting and storing of grains in Egypt. 

Joseph became the Prime Minister of Egypt. This position made Joseph serve God, his people and others who came to buy food during the seven years of famine in Egypt.

Ruth Serves her Mother-in-Law (Ruth 1:1-18)

Ruth was a young woman from the land of Moab. She married Chilion, the son of Elimelech and Naomi, who were Israelites. Also, Orpah another Moabite woman married Mahlon, the brother of Chilion.

Ruth Naomi

In a quick succession of two years, Naomi lost her husband and two of her sons. Life became bad for Naomi. She asked her daughters-in-law to return to their people, since she does not have any other son to marry them, nor is she young enough to give birth to another son who will grow up to marry them. 

On persuasion, Orpah left and went back to her people, whereas, Ruth insisted and said this to Naomi’

16. “Where you go I will go, and where you

lodge, I will lodge, your people will

be my people, and your God will be my God,

17. Where you die, I will die, and there I will be


(Ruth 1:16-17)

Therefore, Ruth remained kind and faithful to Naomi. She served her so well that Naomi thanked her. Thereafter, Ruth return to Israel with Naomi and all the people of Israel loved Ruth for her service.



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