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Service to God, to man and to our country are very important values.

The Bible is a very realistic book, it lets us know in 1 Peter 2:18, that not all situations/circumstances we find ourselves in will be favourable.

Even with this, we must still conduct ourselves in a manner that shows both humility and respect, especially when it comes to those in authority.

God is The Father and we as Christians are His Children. As His Children, it is admirable to God when we suffer or are treated unfairly and we do not complain, retaliate or give up.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God is a great example of this. Jesus Christ suffered unjustly, he was not guilty of any offence but during His suffering, he did not insult or treat anyone badly – He put all His trust in God. Jesus Christ bore our sins, so that sin does not control our lives, and we can all live in righteousness.

Being a Christian is way bigger than just going to church or singing in the Church choir, it is about how you live your life and most especially how you act when you find yourself in unfavourable, unjust and sometimes downright wicked situations.

Living your life in God’s service is to be faithful and serve God with all your might, endure any negative situations or hardships, and respect ourselves, our neighbours and those in authority.



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