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Attributes of Co-operation

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The following are attributes of co-operation in society;

1. Unity: This has to do with oneness. When people come together as one unit they can easily achieve a common goal.

2. Sharing: To work together, we must share ideas, two heads are better than one. One should try not to hold back information or materials needed for accomplishing a task.

3. Team Spirit: Co-operation involves teamwork, for example, a broom sweeps better as a bunch, not as separate units, and a tree cannot make a forest.

4. Caring: To achieve our set goals, we must care for one another as a team. Everyone must be cared for so that they can have a sense of belonging.

5. Support:  In co-operation, everyone should support the other. As citizens, we must support the leaders if they must succeed.

6. Selflessness: Co-operation makes a person think more about the needs and happiness of others over his/herself.

7. Tolerance: This is a way of accepting others’ beliefs and ideas. When we tolerate each other and accept our differences, we can work together and achieve our goals.