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There are many factors that promote co-operation. Some of these factors are listed below;

1. Well-defined Goals: The team must have a well-defined goal that motivates everyone to work together.

2. Clarity of need for Co-operation: People must see the need for co-operation in achieving the set goals.

3. Understanding: Without co-operation, there will be no progress. There must be a mutual understanding among the people.

4. Goal Reward and Recognition: If a group is sure of being rewarded when the goal is achieved, everyone will work tirelessly towards the achievement of the goals.

5. Fairness and Justice: Co-operation is promoted when the principles of fairness and justice, are practiced within the group.

6. Respect for one and another: Members of a group should respect themselves not minding the age and educational qualifications, or differences among them.

7. Tolerance: It is very necessary that members recognize and appreciate other people.


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