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Consequences of Dishonesty

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Lack of competent professionals is a major consequence of dishonesty. When students cheat in examinations, they get their certificates through dubious means. Society in turn will lack competent professionals such as medical practitioners, teachers, lawyers, etc.

Therefore the consequences of dishonesty on society are as follows:

1. Incompetent professionals.

2. Untimely death of innocent citizens.

3. Low standard of education.

4. Hardship in the life of most members of the society.

5. Election of corrupt leaders.

6. Frustration and poverty caused by fraudsters.

7. Dent on the national image.

Consequences of Dishonesty to Individuals:

  1. A dishonest person can never be recommended for a good position in society.

2. Frequent punishment from elders and security agents.

3. Neglect and isolation by those who hate dishonesty.

4. Shame to himself and the family.

5. Lack of respect from people in the society.