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1. The Family: The family has a role to play in identifying and nurturing children’s talents.

2. The School: A child develops his talent through formal learning. The child is guided by the teachers and school counselors on career choice, based on his or her performance on various subjects.

3. Competitions: Children who have potentials and skills excel during competitions.

4. Carnivals: Talents are discovered during carnivals where skillful participants excel.

5. Government Intervention: Government should try and organize workshops and seminars for workers and professionals, in order to help their skills and develop their talents.

Processes of Nurturing Discovered Talents and Skills:

1. Constant Practice: Constant practice helps to discover and develop talent.

2. Competition: Healthy competition helps to nurture discovered talents.

3. Awards: Granting awards to talented people also helps a lot.

4. Training: It is a good mechanism that can help to nurture discovered talents.

5. Hard Work: Hard work really pays, developing talents requires hard work. It helps in achieving goals.