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1. Actualization of Goals: Self-reliance helps an individual to actualize set goals.

2. Innovative: Self-reliance drives youths to be proactive by being innovative and creative.

3. Decision Making: It can facilitate personal decision-making without consulting others.

4. Profit Making: It leads to profit maximization and specialization.

5. Daily Income: Such a person makes daily income with ease.

6. Effect Planning: Planning and formulation of business policies come easily.

7. Time: It leads to self-regulation and management of one’s time. One personally determines the number of hours one works.

Benefits of Self Reliance on the Family:

1. It saves the family from having issues with school dropouts.

2. It helps to increase the level of standard of living in the family.

3. It brings satisfaction and fulfilment to the individual and his family.

4. They do not bring shame but prosperity to the family.

5. It helps to reduce the level of unemployment in the family.

6. It can open doors to the establishment and expansion of family business.

Benefits of Self Reliance to the Society:

1. It leads to the encouragement of wealth creation and development.

2. It helps the country to be economically self-sufficient.

3. Reduction in level of unemployment.

4. Increment in the standard of living of a nation.

5. It helps to reduce social vices in the nation.

6. It helps to reduce frustration and poverty.


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