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Factors that Promote Good Values System

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Value System

A value system refers to the set of values which helps an individual in goal selection. Therefore these are the various factors that promote good value.

1. Integrity.
2. Consistency.
3. Tolerance.
4. Communication.
5. Dedication.
6. Fairness.
7. Commitment.

1. Integrity: This is the state of being whole entirely or undiminished. Integrity as a value can make a man reject bribes and disdain every act of corruption.

2. Tolerance: This is the ability of one to accept others’ views. It is the ability to bear with others, especially when you share different beliefs and ideas.

3. Commitment: This implies seriousness or pledging to a purpose. A large percentage of community members must be committed to recognized social values.

4. Dedication: This is the act of binding oneself emotionally, physically, spiritually, and principally to a course of action and seeing it through. It is committing oneself to societal values.

5. Fairness: This is the ability to treat everybody equally. A fair person judges cases as they are.

6. Communication: Through communication among family members, peers, mass media, etc, good values are promoted.

How Values are Developed:

Values could be developed through any of the following.

1. Family.
2. People in the society.
3. Mass media.
4. Environment. (social and physical.)
5. Religious group.

1. The Family: Parents with good values are likely to produce children with good values. Parents inculcate their values into their children. Children also imbibe values from their siblings and other extended family members.

2. People in the Society: Values are developed as we relate with other people in society. e.g. friends, colleagues, etc.

3. MassMedia: Values can also be developed through newspapers and magazines, radios, social media, the internet, etc.

6. Environment: Social and physical environment have an impact on value formation. Where a child grows up can determine his or her lifestyle and the value they imbibe.

7. Religious Groups: Leaders of religious groups, like pastors and Imams, use holy books and preaching to instruct their members, thereby inculcating in them good values.


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