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i. Economic/Financial Duties

1. Payment of taxes and rents.

2. Payment of community association legal levies.

3. Payment for purchase of security equipment and weapons to security officials to assist enforcement of the law.

4.  Payment for the use of public utilities.

5.  Productive contribution to the economic development of the state.

ii. Civic and Political Duties

1. Obedience to the law.

2. Voting during elections.

3. Contesting for political office.

4. Co-operation with the government agencies.

5. Allegiance citizens have the legal right to show loyalty to the government and country.

6. Defending the country.

7. Rendering service to the country e.g. NYSC

iii. Social and Moral Duties

1. Tolerate each member of the community.

2. Care for public property.

3. Preservation of cultural heritages and honour and pride of Nigeria.

4. Performance of other social rights and duties voluntarily.

5. Respect for national symbols, National Anthem and National pledge.


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