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The process of becoming a citizen of a country varies, it depends on each other conditions.

The processes in Nigeria are:

1. Age: The alien must have attained the stipulated age in the constitution i.e. 21 years old.

2. Residence: The alien must have resided in Nigeria for a minimum of 15 years.

3. Acceptability in the Community: The alien must be generally accepted in the community, at least the one he resides in.

4. Ready to Live in Nigeria: The applicant must be willing to live and stay in Nigeria.

5. Involvement in Developmental Growth: The alien must be willing to contribute meaningfully to the development of Nigeria.

6. Oath of Allegiance: The alien must be ready to take an oath of allegiance. The oath of allegiance is administered by a representative of the government in a citizenship ceremony.

7. Renunciation of Former Nationality: The alien must have renounced his former nationality.


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