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Pie Chart

Pie charts help show proportions and percentages between categories, by dividing a circle into proportional segments. Each arc length represents a proportion of each category while the full circle represents the total sum of all the data, equal to 100%.

Pie charts are ideal for giving the reader a quick idea of the proportional distribution of the data.


Draw a Pie chart with the given angles 50º, 70º, 140º, 100º


Recall that the sum of angles in a circle equal 360º, so these angles must add up to 360º.

i.e.  50º +  70º  +   140º +  100º  =   360º

First Step: Draw a circle with centre O. Then draw radius OA.

Pie Chart

Second Step: Place your protractor to draw each angle and label the diagrams as shown above.

Place your protractor along OA and measure angle AOB   =   50º.

Third Step: Place your protractor along OB and measure angle BOC   =  70º

Fourth Step: Place your protractor along OC and measure angle COD   =  140º

Fifth Step: Verify that angle ODA  =   100º

Find the angles of a Pie Chart:


Segun was given N600 in July as pocket money. He spent the money as follows:

Books N120

Draw a pie chart to illustrate the data.


There are 360º in a full circle and the total amount spent was N600 is represented by 360º.

   ∴  Express each value as a fraction of the total.

By multiplying the fraction by 360º

i.e Food angle for N200    =    \( \frac{200}{600} \scriptsize \: \times \: 360^o \\ \scriptsize = 120^o \)

ItemsAmount Spent in Angle
Food200 \( \frac{200}{600} \scriptsize \: \times \: 360^o \\ \scriptsize = 120^o \)
Transport 100 
\( \frac{100}{600} \scriptsize \: \times \: 360^o \\ \scriptsize = 60^o \)
\( \frac{120}{600} \scriptsize \: \times \: 360^o \\ \scriptsize = 72^o \)
\( \frac{150}{600}\scriptsize \: \times \: 360^o \\ \scriptsize = 90^o \)
Miscellaneous 30 
\( \frac{30}{600}\scriptsize \: \times \: 360^o \\ \scriptsize = 18^o \)
Pie Chart
Pie Chart showing how Segun spent his pocket money.


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