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Family members have different roles and responsibilities in order to make their family function properly. A family is made up of the parents and their children, they perform different roles and duties to make their family work.

Father's Role

Roles of Parents in the Family:

  • It is the duty of the parents to teach their children how to walk, eat, read, write, and so on. They also teach their children manners and etiquette peculiar to their culture.
  • Parents provide for the economic needs of their children by giving them food, shelter, and clothes.
  • Parents provide security for their children by keeping them safe and making sure no harm comes to them either physically, mentally, or spiritually.
  • Parents ensure the proper education of their children, through both formal and informal means.
  • Parents provide the best environment they can for their children to grow up in. They ensure it is a peaceful and harmonious environment.

Roles of Children in the Family:

  • Children help with the domestic chores in the home, they can wash plates, fetch water, sweep or do any other domestic chores asked of them. This is to prepare them for their life as adults. They also help run errands.
  • Children are to obey and respect their parents and older ones in the family.
  • Children can help take care of their parents if a parent (or parents) is sick, handicapped, or elderly.
  • Children help protect and keep the good name of the family.


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