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The following are ways through which Social Problems can be curbed, if effectively carried out in society;

1. Guidance and Counseling: 

The establishment of functioning Guidance and Counseling units both in and out of school settings will help reduce social problems in society.

2. Good Governance:

Leaders should provide the basic needs of their citizens, from free healthcare to providing free food, low-priced housing, e.t.c. There also should be proper administration of justice in society. Leaders should lead by example.

3. Creation of jobs and other Social Infrastructure:

Government should create job opportunities and also encourage youths and young graduates to establish their own businesses. They should also provide social infrastructures to enhance good living.

Social infrastructure includes healthcare (hospitals), education (schools and universities), public facilities (community housing and prisons), and transportation (good roads).

4. Enforcement of Film Censorship and National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control (NAFDAC) Rules:

Government should enforce film censorship boards so that films and movies to be watched by all would not contain content that pollutes the minds of the youths in the society.

The Government should also fully support NAFDAC in putting in place relevant and effective measures in regulating the distribution of drugs in hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and other outlets.

5. Adequate Punishment for Defaulters: 

Adequate punishment should be given to criminal offenders to serve as a deterrent to others.

6. Establishment of Rehabilitation Centres:

A rehabilitation centre is a place where people with alcohol and/or drug addiction or issues are treated. Rehabilitation centres also treat various mental conditions.

The establishment of Rehabilitation Centres will help reform traumatized citizens who need some form of behavioural adjustment.


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