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Characteristics of Culture

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These are the Characteristics of Culture;

  • Culture is Learned: This indicates that culture can be learned through observation, participation or association with other members of a particular group. Culture is not inborn in people, it is taught and shared with people especially during the primary socialization process.
  • Culture is Dynamic: Culture also changes with time. It is not static nor rigid, culture changes as people change their way of doing things.
  • Culture is Transmitted: Culture is continuous it is passed down from one generation to another.
  • Culture is Relative: A certain culture serves the people it belongs to. No culture is superior to the other, every culture is relevant as long as people cherish it.
  • Culture is Universal: Culture is common to every society worldwide, there is no society without cultural practices.
  • Culture is Sacrosanct: Culture is always regarded as important, cherished, respected and not to be interfered with.
  • Culture is flexible/adaptive: Culture beliefs, norms and values are flexible and allows individuals to adapt or engage in things considered acceptable in a society.