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Children are vulnerable to injuries and accidents, which may vary from minor injuries to severe accidents.

Below are safety measures that can be followed to prevent accidents at school;

1. Familiarise Yourself with the School’s Emergency Procedures: The school handbook usually contains emergency plans and phone numbers which will give students the confidence to act quickly in emergency situations.

2. Inform School Staff about Health Concerns: The school staff should be informed about any health issues concerning students, including allergies, disabilities, etc.

3. Avoid Negative Behaviour Toward other Students: Classes, talks, or education resources should be implemented to help eliminate bullying in schools.

4. Dangerous chemicals should be kept and stored safely, especially in laboratories. There should be lab assistants and teachers present to guide students during lab sessions and practical classes.

5. First aid facilities should be available at schools and there should be an availability of trained teachers who can provide first aid care in emergency situations.


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