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Processes of Socialization

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Processes of Socialization are the methods and procedures through which socialization takes place. They are the manner by which knowledge is passed down to the individuals in society. These processes include – direct, indirect, role learning, and learning from models.

Direct learning: This can take place both through formal and informal methods. Direct learning can happen at home or in school. It is a practical way of learning, acquiring skills and knowledge. Direct learning is also known as Intentional Learning.

Indirect learning: This could take place in or outside the home. Indirect Learning is an incidental (that is, not expected), unintentional, and unconscious way of learning. It is incidental, unintentional, and unconscious because it occurs when the child does not expect it.

Role learning: This is the effort made by an individual to perform the duties assigned to them or towards future duties they aspire to. It is a self-made effort to acquire the knowledge needed to fit into a situation. For example, a Debate club participant learning about the leadership role.

Learning from a model: This is knowledge gained when an individual observes people around him and imitates the behaviors that appeal to them.